We are a positive psychology consulting organisation based in Christchurch, New Zealand.  We are dedicated to helping to boost mental wellbeing in workplaces. We focus on improving knowledge and skills about creating thriving workplaces and how to personally thrive at work. We offer a unique set of workshops and presentations designed to optimise individual, team and organisational performance. We are renowned for our practical, evidence-based programmes that have real personal and business impact.

We believe that what we do matters. People tell us our work makes a significant difference to their lives, including their colleagues, families and communities. Leaders tell us that they get boosts to team and organisational outputs and performance when people apply the knowledge they gain from our workshops. We get huge satisfaction when we see the positive changes people make as a result of our workshops and presentations, and when they sustain these changes over time.


We asked some of our clients to describe us.  They said we are passionate, knowledgeable, practical, down to earth and real.  We make things simple and easy to apply in every-day life.  We are positive, energising and supportive.  We love what we do and this shows in our work.





A sought-after programme facilitator, keynote speaker and mentor, Jane is the Director of The Flourishing Institute. She has spent almost 30 years of working in organisational psychology and her approach is a direct result of her psychology education, business background and practical, results-oriented attitude. Jane has worked in-house and as a consultant to many of NZ’s leading corporate organisations.


Jane developed these programmes as she is passionate about sharing the science of optimal human functioning and providing as many people as possible with the tools, skills and knowledge to truly thrive at work and at home.

Jane Davis The Flourishing Institute

“It has always been my dream to set up a business which has a goal of helping people to thrive, no matter what their circumstances. I love that we are able to make a positive difference to peoples’ lives. A great manager once said to me “Make sure you work somewhere where you run to work each day” and that’s me now”.

Sonia Appleby-Maine Final HS



Sonia is an experienced Learning Designer, Facilitator and Coach, having spent 10 years as part of an award-winning Learning & Development team for a large corporate retailer.


She has a very practical, results focused approach to learning, personal and team development due to her 17 years leading large teams herself.


Sonia is passionate about seeing people take control of their development and well-being through small, tangible and consistently applied changes that yield big results over time.


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Michelle has a background in HR and Organisational Psychology, and is  mum to 2year old twin girls. She is involved in coordinating our programmes, website and course management, and continuously improving our processes and products.




Sara is Business Manager for The Flourishing Institute and has a 25 year background in retail and food manufacturing.  She is a Director of Baker Boys Ltd, a NZ-owned manufacturing bakery.  Sara is passionate about being a mum to three children and being a supportive leader.  She loves being fit and healthy, maintaining close connections with family and friends, cooking, gardening and running her dog  – when she has time!

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