The Flourishing Institute specialises in providing practical, well-researched programmes to support individuals, teams and leaders to deliver extraordinary performance.

We specialise in practical, evidence – based programmes, workshops and online courses to help people build the mental skills and knowledge required for thriving at work (both now and into the future).


We have been teaching the science of thriving and positive change for many years now. The programmes we offer bridge the disciplines of positive psychology, neuroscience, psychology of change, health and wellbeing, high performance sport, positive organisational scholarship and positive leadership. Our programmes are filled with simple, practical tools and techniques, which if applied and practiced regularly, make a significant difference to people’s lives and leaders’ ability to lead their teams. We have evolved our programmes based on feedback from hundreds of participants over the last five years and are able to focus classroom time on what we know has the biggest impact.

Our programmes are designed so individuals and organisations can see immediate benefits and measurable outcomes. The benefits of a thriving workforce and a positive culture are enormous. From higher engagement and retention, improved productivity, increases in health, safety and wellbeing, greater creativity and innovation to better bottom line results. The organisations we work with see the benefits of this investment every day.



Programmes to Deliver Extraordinary Performance

Our flagship programme focuses on practical ways of applying the science of thriving to the workplace.  It equips people with the skills and knowledge required to boost mental wellbeing and resilience while increasing capacity to perform at the highest level. Additionally, it supports participants to live rich, full and meaningful lives.

The programme is comprehensive, evidence-based, challenging and inspiring. It is renowned for the positive impact it has on people’s lives. The content has evolved over the last six years to focus specifically on what we know has the biggest impact (based on feedback from hundreds of participants).


Delivery options:

The programme can be delivered onsite or online and can be used with groups of individuals, as part of a leadership development programme or with intact teams.



The on-site programme comprises 3 x 3.5 hour workshops, approximately 2 weeks apart.  The workshops are highly practical – participants practice techniques, share learnings and learn how to apply their knowledge. There is also individual work, to be completed in participants’ own time.



The online programme comprises of 6 modules, to be completed over approximately 7 months. Each module takes approximately 60-90 minutes to complete and is followed up with practice and application in the workplace.  Participants are supported by a programme coach, peer coaching groups and a monthly online progress check via webinar.


Organisations benefit significantly from a workforce that can innovate, readily adapt to change and keep pace with disruption by thriving, even when facing uncertainty.


For individuals, learning how to thrive in a constantly changing environment is a critical skill for high performance. This programme provides participants with a toolkit of practical, well researched techniques that help them stay calm, rise to challenges, bounce back from difficulties and grow from these experiences.


Online Programme: 2hrs

On-site Programme: 3.5hrs


Emotional resilience is the ability to bounce back after experiencing difficult times. Emotional resilience starts with developing awareness of what and how you think.


This programme helps participants to diagnose their own unhealthy thinking habits and understand the impact these have on their wellbeing. They will learn many simple and practical techniques for overcoming these habits and how to strengthen their tolerance for strong emotions. If practiced regularly, these techniques will make a significant difference to their emotional resilience.


Online Programme: 1.5hrs

On-site Programme: 3.5hrs


Gaining Clarity and Making Good Decisions is a deeply reflective and highly personal programme for those who want to become clearer about their life direction and what is most important to them.


It is most relevant for those who are wanting to build self awareness, understand what is most important to them, and identify what matters most in their lives.  It is very helpful for people undergoing transition or change.


Online Programme: 2hrs

On-site Programme: 3hrs


This programme is designed to provide participants with the skills and knowledge to deliver their best work, even in an environment of distraction and overwhelm.


This programme comprises a powerful combination of well- researched techniques and tools that make the biggest difference to their ability to focus their attention, manage distractions and get their most important work done. If practiced regularly, these tools will enhance participants’ productivity and creativity, while reducing their stress levels.


Online Programme: 1.5hrs

On-site Programme: 2hrs


The Compassion at Work programme is designed to help participants feel more deeply connected to others, boost their wellbeing and increase their capacity to cope in difficult times or with difficult people.


They will learn how to train their mind to intentionally choose compassionate thoughts and actions and develop skills that help them relate to others – and themselves.


Online Programme: 1.5hrs

On-site Programme: 3hrs


This programme provides leaders with a range of tools and ideas for implementing and supporting positive change processes within their teams and across the organisation.  Participants learn how to lead a team through any type of change by applying positive leadership principles (using Professor Kim Cameron’s Positive Leadership Model).


On-site Programme: 3.5hrs

(only available on-site)




Most of our programmes are available both in person (on-site) and online.

Benefits of face-to-face learning (on-site):

• Get to know people well, share stories and build deeper connections

• Have a shared experience which deepens trust and understanding

• Full immersion in a caring, supportive environment which encourages people to take risks, be vulnerable and try new things

• Group practice of tools and techniques which deepens learning

• Form informal support groups which continue embedding of learning

• All topics also available as short (1hr) on-site presentations

Benefits of Online Learning:

• No need to wait for a formal programme or workshop, and eliminating travel/venue hire costs

• Tailor it to personal needs – learn just what you need, when you most need it

• Learn anywhere, in bite-sized chunks, at your own pace

• Continue to access programme over a year – refresh knowledge at any time

• Download most useful exercises and tools easily

• Includes a Manager Guide to support individuals going through the online programme

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