The Flourishing Institute specialises in helping people build the mental skills and knowledge required for thriving at work (both now and into the future).

We do this through the delivery of evidence-based workshops and presentations, filled with simple, practical tools for participants to apply immediately. If these tools and techniques are practiced regularly, they make a significant difference to people’s lives. Participants are encouraged to share their learnings with others, which provides a positive ripple effect into the communities they are part of.


We have been teaching the science of thriving and positive change for many years now. We have evolved our programmes based on feedback from hundreds of participants and we focus the content on what we know has the biggest impact.


We design our content so individuals and organisations can see immediate benefits and measurable outcomes. The benefits of a thriving workforce and a positive culture are enormous. From higher engagement and retention, improved productivity, increases in health, safety and wellbeing, greater creativity and innovation to better bottom line results. The organisations we work with see the benefits of this investment every day.



Thriving in times of uncertainty & change LR

During times of ongoing uncertainty, there is a constant need for everyone to deal effectively with disruption, adapt quickly to change and keep focused on delivering high quality work in order to deliver organisational results.


This workshop provides a toolkit of helpful, practical, evidence-based techniques that participants can apply to any challenging situation at work or home. It is designed to help people become more flexible, manage overwhelm, be resilient and to stay positive despite any turbulence they may face.


This workshop is designed to provide participants with the skills and knowledge to deliver their best work, even in an environment of distraction and overwhelm.


It comprises a powerful combination of well- researched techniques and tools that make the biggest difference to participants’ ability to focus their attention, manage distractions and get their most important work done. If practiced regularly, these tools will enhance participants’ productivity and creativity, while reducing their stress levels.

Coping when working from home

Some of the biggest challenges people face when working from home (with family around) are how to focus attention, manage distractions and get their most important work done while looking after their own wellbeing needs.  This workshop focuses on evidence-based techniques to help people balance competing demands and change how they think about the situation.


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