Are your people fully equipped and trained to thrive in a time of more frequent change and growing uncertainty?

Organisations benefit significantly from a workforce that can innovate, readily adapt to change and keep pace with disruption by thriving, even when facing uncertainty. For individuals, learning how to thrive in a constantly changing environment is a critical skill for high performance. This programme provides participants with a toolkit of practical, well researched techniques that help them stay calm, rise to challenges, bounce back from difficulties and grow from these experiences.


This is an evidence-based programme, based on research in positive psychology, neuroscience and the psychology of change. It offers simple, practical tools and coping strategies that build psychological flexibility – all of which can be immediately applied to any work or personal change scenario. If practiced and applied regularly, these tools will help participants grow their inner resources so they become more resilient and adaptable in the face of any challenges they are dealing with at work or home.


By the end of the programme, participants will be in a position to better manage the many challenges of daily life as well as before, during or after a period of transition.


This programme focuses on the highest impact, evidence-based techniques used by people who thrive through change.  It covers:

  • Understand the impact of the stress response
  • Know how to keep calm
  • Hunt the good stuff
  • Manage discomfort
  • Keep perspective and
  • Focus on what you can control


Individuals at any level or life stage who want to learn how to adjust quickly and easily to day-to-day changes or to a specific change in circumstances. It is also  appropriate for people impacted by changes to their job, and can be used to up-skill people as part of an organisational change process. It has successfully been used as a programme to support people prior to change, during change or after change processes.


For individuals going through change, we recommend combining three programmes: Thriving Through Change, Building Emotional Resilience Through Healthy Thinking, and Gaining Clarity and Making Good Decisions.


Online Programme

Time Commitment: 2hrs


The online programme comprises of a series of short videos, reflection questions, downloadable exercises and handouts.  Designed to fit around busy schedules, participants can access a small chunk of learning at a time that suits them, on any device and then apply their knowledge and practice new skills in the workplace. They can capture their reflections on the learning platform and continue to add to their knowledge as they progress.


Onsite Programme

Time Commitment: 3.5hrs


The onsite programme focuses on the highest impact techniques for thriving through change.  It is suited to individuals, intact teams or those on leadership development programmes.


* This programme is also available as a 1-hour on-site presentation



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