This workshop supports leaders to develop and apply the behaviours that will have the biggest impact on creating openness to change and building a change agile culture. It focuses on how to overcome change resistance in the workforce, particularly in the current environment of uncertainty and volatility.


Successful change leadership starts with the brain in mind.  It most often considers how to approach the change with the brain at the forefront and therefore focuses on how to help people feel safe. Safety is the brain’s number one priority. Without consideration of this, if leaders see change as a step by step process to be managed, and they try to influence through logic, data and rationale then they’ll struggle to get the outcomes they are looking for.


In this workshop, leaders explore the positive leadership principles and practices that best support the development of a safe environment for change and how to apply them (in very practical ways every day).

It focuses on:

The two critical factors required to set a strong foundation for positive change leadership

  1. High level of psychological safety

  2. High level of self care and support for each other

The four behaviours of positive change leadership that have the biggest impact (from Professor Kim Cameron’s Positive Leadership Model)

  1. Creating a Positive Climate

  2. Creating Positive Meaning

  3. Positive Communication

  4. Building Positive Relationships

The workshop is filled with a proven range of simple, practical ideas and tools to help leaders apply positive change leadership principles to any change scenario.


Delivery: Virtual delivery via Zoom or face to face


Time: 3 hours (but can be tailored to suit your timeframe) 


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