Optimise Your Potential is our ground-breaking programme which provides a toolkit of strategies, techniques and practical tools that can be used every day to enhance performance, in a sustainable way.  It helps people do the work they love, while performing at the highest level but without sacrificing wellbeing and balance in their lives.

Our flagship programme focuses on practical ways of applying the science of thriving to the workplace.  It equips people with the skills and knowledge required to boost mental wellbeing and resilience while increasing capacity to perform at the highest level. Additionally, it supports participants to live rich, full and meaningful lives. 


The programme is comprehensive, evidence-based, challenging and inspiring. It is renowned for the positive impact it has on people’s lives. The content has evolved over the last six years to focus specifically on what we know has the biggest impact (based on feedback from hundreds of participants).


  • Developing a Flexible Mindset
  • Boosting Positive Emotions
  • Building Emotional Resilience through Healthy Thinking
  • Focusing Attention and Managing Distractions
  • Deepening Connections and Building Trust
  • Gaining Clarity of Meaning and Purpose

Over time, participants develop multiple coping strategies, increase their ability to deal with pressure and form helpful new habits. Many people become more responsive, adaptable and curious. They are able to do the work they love, while performing at the highest level but without sacrificing wellbeing and balance in their lives. Participants leave with an incredible array of tools and techniques that are easily learned and when applied regularly, make a positive difference to their lives.  As participants find, seemingly small changes can have big effects and most of these interventions cost almost nothing. The programme has an amazing ripple effect – on friends, family members, colleagues and communities.


The programme can be delivered onsite or online and can be used with groups of individuals, as part of a leadership development programme or with intact teams.


Online Programme


The online programme comprises of 6 modules, to be completed over approximately 7 months. Each module takes approximately 60-90 minutes to complete and is followed up with practice and application in the workplace.  Participants are supported by a programme coach, peer coaching groups and a monthly online progress check via webinar.


Onsite Programme

The on-site programme comprises 3 x 3.5 hour workshops, approximately 2 weeks apart.  The workshops are highly practical – participants practice techniques, share learnings and learn how to apply their knowledge. There is also individual work, to be completed in participants’ own time.


Research conducted into the benefits of Optimise Your Potential with the Psychology Department from the University of Auckland showed that, compared to a control group, participants experienced significantly higher levels of:


  • Optimism
  • Meaning and purpose
  • Flourishing in life
  • Lower levels of insomnia


  • Increased ability to focus attention
  • More productive
  • More flexible and open to change
  • More easily able to relate to others and better at collaborating
  • Calmer, more patient, tolerant and accepting
  • Able to let things go more easily and quickly calm the mind
  • More resilient and able to manage a higher load
  • More responsive and proactive
  • Have a broader perspective and are more innovative and creative
  • More self-aware
  • Higher levels of engagement and performance


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