Gaining Clarity and Making Good Decisions is a deeply reflective and highly personal programme for those who want to become clearer about their life direction and what is most important to them.  It is most relevant for those who are wanting to build self awareness, understand what is most important to them, and identify what matters most in their lives.  It is very helpful for people undergoing transition or change.


Participants report gaining huge personal insight from completing the carefully chosen selection of tools and exercises designed to deepen self-awareness and understanding. They learn what’s unique about them, gain clarity about what’s most important to them, understand where they are at now and how to create the future they want.  If they are impacted by any type of transition situation (at work or home), the programme will help participants to make better, more informed decisions about their future. While it is challenging work to do and requires deep thought, there are huge benefits to doing this work (including a positive impact on long-term health and wellbeing).


This programme includes:

  • Understanding the research-based stages of transition
  • A series of exercises designed to deepen self awareness and self understanding (including identifying meaning, purpose, values, strengths)
  • Understanding what role work plays in your life
  • Reviewing your current state and desired future state
  • Gaining clarity about what you need to do to make a successful transition
  • Envisioning future success and taking positive action


Individuals at any level or life stage who want to improve their self-awareness and self-understanding, especially if they are impacted by change or a transition situation (at work or home). The programme offers many simple and practical tools to help gain clarity about current state, desired future state and focuses on taking action.


For individuals going through change, we recommend combining three programmes: Thriving Through Change, Building Emotional Resilience Through Healthy Thinking, and Gaining Clarity and Making Good Decisions.


Online Programme

Time Commitment: 2hrs


The online programme comprises of a series of reflection questions, downloadable exercises and handouts.  Designed to fit around busy schedules, participants can access a small chunk of learning at a time that suits them, on any device and then apply their knowledge and practice new skills in the workplace. They can capture their reflections on the learning platform and continue to add to their knowledge as they progress.


Onsite Programme

Time Commitment: 3hrs


The onsite programme provides the reflective space for participants to work their way through a series of diagnostic exercises and discuss their learning with a facilitator or colleagues (if they wish). It is suited to individuals, intact teams or those on leadership development programmes.


* This programme is also available as a 1-hour on-site presentation



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