This workshop is designed to provide participants with the skills and knowledge to deliver their best work, even in an environment of distraction and overwhelm.


It comprises a powerful combination of well- researched techniques and tools that make the biggest difference to participants’ ability to focus their attention, manage distractions and get their most important work done. If practiced regularly, these tools will enhance participants’ productivity and creativity, while reducing their stress levels.


In this workshop, participants learn a range of simple, practical, evidence-based tools which cover:

  • The difference between deep and shallow work and how to protect deep work time

  • How to use the body’s ultradian rhythms (body’s natural energy cycles)

  • Techniques for working in “short bursts”

  • How to manage interruptions (in the office and at home)

  • How to have fully restorative breaks to boost creativity

  • How to manage Zoom fatigue


Please choose which format you would like:

  • Virtual workshop delivered via Zoom or Teams

  • Face to Face workshop

  • Webinar (presentation only with no interaction)

  • Conference or Large Group Presentation

Time: 60 minutes


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