The Compassion at Work programme is designed to help participants feel more deeply connected to others, boost their wellbeing and increase their capacity to cope in difficult times or with difficult people.  They will learn how to train their mind to intentionally choose compassionate thoughts and actions and develop skills that help them relate to others – and themselves.


The aim of this programme is to help participants understand what compassion is, and the role and impact it has in our workplaces. They will learn about the scientific research behind compassion and learn the skills required to take compassionate action. These skills if applied regularly, will help them support others, deepen connections, communicate more effectively and boost their own and others’ wellbeing.


This programme focuses on:

  • What compassion is (and is not)
  • The impact of compassion on health and wellbeing
  • The impact of compassion at work
  • Barriers to compassion
  • Boosting compassion for self
  • Boosting compassion at work
  • Showing compassion in challenging situations


Individuals at any level or life stage who want to deepen their knowledge about the role of compassion at work, understand the impact it has and learn ways to increase their compassion through simple, effective and practical techniques they can apply every day.


Online Programme

Time Commitment: 1.5hrs


The online programme comprises of a series of short videos, reflection questions, downloadable exercises and handouts. Designed to fit around busy schedules, participants can access a small chunk of learning at a time that suits them, on any device and then apply their knowledge and practice new skills in the workplace. They can capture their reflections on the learning platform and continue to add to their knowledge as they progress.


Onsite Programme

Time Commitment: 3hrs

The onsite programme focuses on what compassion is, the role it plays and the impact it has at work. It also provides many ideas and techniques for how to boost compassion in simple and practical ways that are relevant in the workplace.  It is suited to individuals, intact teams or those on leadership development programmes.


* This programme is also available as a 1-hour on-site presentation



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