Some of the biggest challenges people face when working from home (with family around) are how to focus attention, manage distractions and get their most important work done while looking after their own wellbeing needs.  This workshop focuses on evidence-based techniques to help people balance competing demands and change how they think about the situation.


In this workshop, participants learn a range of simple, practical, evidence-based tools which cover:

  • Why deep work is important, how to protect deep work time and manage interruptions

  • How to work with the body’s natural energy cycles

  • The best techniques for working in short bursts

  • How to find time for and practice mind rest

  • How to create boundaries between work and home

  • How to manage your mind stories (expectations you place on yourself, assumptions you make, feelings of guilt) that are most common in parents)


Please choose which format you would like:

  • Virtual workshop delivered via Zoom or Teams

  • Face to Face workshop

  • Webinar (presentation only with no interaction)

  • Conference or Large Group Presentation

Time: 60 minutes


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