Optimise Your Potential is our ground-breaking programme which provides a toolkit of strategies, techniques and practical tools that can be used every day to enhance performance, in a sustainable way.  It helps people do the work they love, while performing at the highest level but without sacrificing wellbeing and balance in their lives.

The programme is designed to help participants increase their capacity – to respond, adapt and transform in response to any environment. They develop multiple effective coping strategies, build resilience and increase their ability to deal with pressure.

The programme covers strategies that are based on proven interventions and many years of teaching thriving skills.  It has a strong evidence base and bridges the disciplines of positive psychology, neuroscience, the psychology of change, health and wellbeing, and high-performance sport. It focuses on the seven critical areas required for thriving.


  • Clarity about Meaning and Purpose
  • Optimism and Positive Emotions
  • Healthy Living – including rest and relaxation, nutrition and being active
  • Positive Relationships and Deepening Connections
  • Being Present – including different types of mindfulness practice
  • Achievement – making positive, sustainable change
  • Healthy Thinking – including resilience

Most participants find that seemingly small changes can have big effects and most of these interventions cost almost nothing. Session content is designed to be fun, thought-provoking, engaging and for many people, ultimately calming and therapeutic. The programme has an amazing ripple effect – on friends, family members, colleagues and communities.


The programme comprises of individual work, to be completed in participants’ own time, along with three 3-hour group sessions (two weeks apart) where participants practice techniques, share learnings and learn how to apply their knowledge.


It can be used with groups of individuals, as part of a leadership development programme or with intact teams.


Research conducted into the benefits of this programme with the Psychology Department from the University of Auckland showed that, compared to a control group, programme participants experienced significantly higher levels of:


  • Optimism
  • Meaning and purpose
  • Flourishing in life
  • Lower levels of insomnia


  • Increased ability to focus attention
  • More productive
  • More flexible and open to change
  • More easily able to relate to others and better at collaborating
  • Calmer, more patient, tolerant and accepting
  • Able to let things go more easily and quickly calm the mind
  • More resilient and able to manage a higher load
  • More responsive and proactive
  • Have a broader perspective and are more innovative and creative
  • More self-aware
  • Higher levels of engagement and performance


Programmes to Deliver Extraordinary Performance
Programmes to Deliver Extraordinary Performance
Programmes to Deliver Extraordinary Performance

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