As change accelerates, competition will increase, disruption will be felt more intensely, the impact of change will be more widespread and the demands on teams will increase.  A resilient, well connected and high-trust team can not only cope with this increasingly challenging environment, but thrive in it.

The Flourishing Teams Programme provides a toolkit of strategies, techniques and practical tools that can be used every day to support a team to deliver extraordinary performance. It has a strong evidence base and bridges the disciplines of positive psychology, neuroscience, the psychology of change, health and well being and high-performance sport. The programme is designed to help teams increase their capacity – to respond, adapt and transform in response to any environment.


Using the powerful Optimise Your Potential Programme (7 critical areas for thriving) as its base, the Flourishing Teams Programme adds in other factors known to be critical for developing a high performing team.  This programme focuses on building a strong foundation of trust, through multiple shared experiences and rich discussion and debate.  This occurs while the team also gains clarity –  about direction, purpose, vision, values, ways of working, behaviours and deliverables.


The programme comprises of individual work, to be completed in participants’ own time, along with up to eight 2-hour group sessions (a few weeks apart) where participants practice techniques, share learnings and learn how to apply their knowledge.


Session content and number of sessions is determined by team maturity and client need.


Programmes to Deliver Extraordinary Performance
Programmes to Deliver Extraordinary Performance
Programmes to Deliver Extraordinary Performance

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